[ubuntu-studio-devel] Desktop Agnostic, Was: Re: Gedit

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Thu Nov 26 15:20:24 UTC 2015

On Thu, 26 Nov 2015, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:

> But, to become truly desktop agnostic, we still need to solve a few
> things.
> * a way to install any existing DE with Ubuntu Studio specific stuff on
> top by installing either only ubuntustudio-desktop (would require an
> install script with both gui and terminal options), or having one Ubuntu
> Studio package for each DE (ubuntustudio-xfce, ubuntustudio-kde, etc).

I think the way to do this is to make Studio only minimally different. 
Right now we have /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio. I am not sure we _have_ to 
have that. Menu changes are not really in there anyway already. Is there 
another way to set backdrop/icons? Do we need to do more than that? It 
looks like enough with xubuntu and I would think for K, L, vanilla, etc. 
we want to leave it enough alone that the user feels they are still using 
the DE of choice. We could have separate directories in /etc/xdg/ and only 
install the one session desktop file to go with whatever DE is actually 
installed I guess. We need an Icon theme for each DE that just puts our 
few custom icons on top of the standard ones or we need to make sure ours 
are uniquely named and just put them in hicolour which everything should 
inherit anyway.

> * ubiquity plugin that allows one to choose between the DEs. One is
> shipped with the DVD. Others will be downloaded, so only one can be
> installed without internet connection (the plugin could just be showing
> the GUI options for ubuntustudio-desktop).

Makes sense.

Len Ovens

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