[ubuntu-studio-devel] Gedit

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Wed Nov 25 19:25:14 UTC 2015

Gedit seems to have gone wonky... it is not broken, but for some reason 
the devs have hard coded stuff into it that should be left for the window 
manager/theme engine. When I opened up gedit in 16.04 it has an inch wide 
grey "picture frame" around it and no wm decorations. It makes it's own 
decorations instead which include some menu options as well (Open/Save). 
It looks completely out of place on the xfce desktop. xubuntu uses 
mousepad which is a nice lite editor, but lacks many features people might 
like. I found medit which almost looks like a clone of the way gedit used 
to be. I would recomend switching them out or using mousepad and leave the 
choice of editor to the user.

If some people could check this out on the 1604 iso and we can see if we 
are in agreement on which way to go. The two editors require little in the 
way of depends. Things like kate pull in more.

Len Ovens

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