[ubuntu-studio-devel] New Team members, and member selection procedure

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Tue Nov 3 13:42:18 UTC 2015

A couple of new team members.

I noticed just now that cfhowlett wanted to join our PR and Support team
on launchpad less than a month ago. I've accepted him. It gives him the
author role on our website.

So, welcome to the PR and Support team!

Also, I added Ross Gammon to our ubuntustudio-dev team. I would have
done that earlier, had I just though of it. Ross has done some packaging
work both for Ubuntu and Debian, and has been with us for a while, so it
was only logical. This only gives access to change source, not to upload
(we don't have those rights in lp teams - yet).

Welcome, Ross, to the dev team!


We don't have a procedure for accepting team members, so this is why I'm
adding people to teams, personally. If we want a procedure, we should
set that up.
I would suggest we do it the same way we have discussed voting for
project lead. Any member of our non-public teams would be able to vote,
or be apart in discussions.
Alternatives for where we do the selection:
* Meeting on IRC (hard to set up)
* Discussion on this mail list (easier)
* Create a new launchpad team (ubuntustudio-vote, or something similar)
which all non-public teams automatically would be members of, and create
a new mail list for those members used in discussions (clearer, but more

For some selection processes, one could even use a private mail lists
Personally, I don't see the need to go that far.

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