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Set Hallström sakrecoer at gmail.com
Tue May 19 13:08:05 UTC 2015

Hi all,
First things first: Len, i think you have very good points and it's
obviously passion not ranting :) Your goal is honorable, i really hope for
the same turn out as you.

I must say this discussion is a bit confusing to me, 3 things come out to
- We want to follow the freedesktop standard,
- We all seem to agree freedesktop isn't flexible enough our case...
- we have actually been breaking the standard for a long time...

Having this written, Kaj: Excellent job on
It's clean and purposeful. Putting publishing under graphics is a tricky
move, but it makes sense in many ways. I wonder if brasero would fit there
like that. Brasero is obviously a home-publishing tool. but it's not very
much of a graphic application. Perhaps it's ok to have it repeating itself
in the various wrokflows?

Like Kaj states in the last message before mine, we are redefining the hole
workflow concept here, unless we take a stance for having a menu that isn't
reflecting the workflow concept. Which i think will create confusion on the
long run. I remember being told that we could rework those workflows, but
that it would be feasible for later versions like 16.04... Is this really a
goal for 15.10? Blueprint deadline is dangerously close to now. What about
that "indicator" solution (i'm sorry, i have forgotten who brought it up on
the IRC channel) for integrating the ubustu menu in other DE's?

Looking forward to read you all,
Set Hallström
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