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On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 4:51 PM, Ross Gammon <retail at the-gammons.net> wrote:

> Good discussion everyone!
> Reducing options has also come up in the Debian Multimedia team. Several
> people there agreed that it would be nice to have a basic setup in each
> category for new users, and then a "pro" setup. How do we make users
> aware of the choice?

Thats a tough one... Thanks for bringing it up.

I wonder if the answer isn't embedded in the users choice to begin with? A
ubuntu/debian user, might find a sudden desire to create an image or a
video and look for tools on in the software center. A Ubuntustudio /
user has already made a pro-active choice to focus on creativity. This
however is
not necessarily a rule, but without going too deep into philosophical
i think that whatever level the user chosing a creative toolsuit is on,
(over a regular
computing OS) the user has an embedded ambition to master creativity tools.
Regardless if this ambition is later-on fullfilled or not. This ambition,
should be
stimulated and guided. By this i mean that I think its important to keep
beginner-friendly while keeping our focus on helping the user to improve on
its path.

TL;DR rather than leveling too much against the lower level, we should pull
the user up.

In this particular case of video software, i think it becomes obvious on
opening, that
openshot is beginner friendly, and blender is not. But this is a very
personal and probably
biased point of view that might not be relevant within the realm of
software in the other

Then if we could find a way to make it easy for users to search for and
> install other more specialist packages? Debtags was considered as one
> part of the picture here.
The little i have dugged into debtag tells me they are very relevant to
this task. When it
comes to installing packages that aren't included in ubuntu-studio, the
description is our
friend here. But obviously, to display a description the user need to find
it first.....

Sorry for being a bit disparate, i hope i make sense....

Looking forward to read more input on this,

Set Hallström
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