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Alexandru Băluț alexandru.balut at gmail.com
Tue May 12 10:21:59 UTC 2015

Both OpenShot and Pitivi have been in the stage of backend rewrite for some

Jonathan Thomas said he's developing a "new, revolutionary,
cross-platform" backend since 2011. I checked the download page but it only
points to the old 1.4.3 release from 2012, not to the new 2.0.

Pitivi also started a fundraising campaign in 2014, the primary goal of
Thibault Saunier and Mathieu Duponchelle being "stabilization", see
http://fundraiser.pitivi.org/. You can try the latest Pitivi by running a
bundle with all the dependencies included http://www.pitivi.org/?go=download

So none of them are really there but both are making progress.

On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 11:03 AM, Set Hallstrom <sakrecoer at gmail.com> wrote:

> My frustration issues with pitivi and openshot are not the lack of
> features, its stability. They both hate my hair and have forced me to
> pull it off too many times.
> My first editing was on iMovie then later finalcut, then kdenliv and
> finaly blender. My opinion about blender is that it's erroneous to
> reduce blender to a mere 3d editing/animation software. The way i see
> it, it's a complete movie making suit. A merge of 3ds max, finalcut,
> aftereffects and photoshop in one single piece of aprox 200mb software.
> I'm sure you have all seen Tears of Steel?
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6MlUcmOul8
> This movie was made 3 years ago: LOTS of things have happened since.
> While i agree that blender has particularly unique interface, video
> editing is NEVER easy.
> Like Jimmy wrote:
> > Kdenlive is quite powerful, but not the best GUI. This might have
> > changed with the latest version though. You can with some work do a
> > lot but it _more often require google skills_ and reading forums to
> > understand how to do it.
> I think this applies to any video software, from a beginner point of
> view. No matter what level, the user is physically alone with it's
> version of ubuntustudio, hence no matter what video software we put
> there, what jimmy wrote applies:
> > I think it's a big step for someone new to linux to give them an
> > advance 3D application, here go do some videos!
> This said, due to their pedagogic approach, i can see why either
> openshot or pitivi should stay. But i firmly believe we should pick out
> one.
> Kaj: There is a way to start blender with a different set of Environment
> Variables including $BLENDER_USER_CONFIG (Directory for user
> configuration files.) So it feasible.
> Now, misunderstand me right, i'm open to include all of them as it is
> now. But i think it would be less confusing with less choices. This is
> solely based on my own expertise, where i have spent many hours working
> with one, to realize in frustration that i should have started with
> another one in the first place....
> Let's find a good sollution :)
> Have a great day y'all!
> *set
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