[ubuntu-studio-devel] Our Set of Freedesktop Categories

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sat Jun 27 21:58:14 UTC 2015

On Sat, 27 Jun 2015, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:

> On Sat, Jun 27, 2015, at 06:53 PM, Len Ovens wrote:
>> Video has two Categories we are interested in:
>>  	AudioVideo
>>  	Player
>> Anything with Player and AudioVideo (even if it includes other things)
>> will end up in multimedia players.
>> If it is not Video, We should see at least Audio. Anything without Audio
>> that has AudioVideo is video, any of these without Player is Video
>> Production.
> According to the Freedesktop standard, if you add Audio, or Video, you
> must also add AudioVideo. So, either AudioVideo;Audio, or
> AudioVideo;Video. Having all three I don't think is against any rule,

Yes, Anywhere I have said Audio, I am assuming AudioVideo as well. I am 
only stating the ones we need to filter with.

> and is only sensible if there are no other categories that further
> define the desktop file. So, at least one of these two:
> * AudioVideo;Audio
> * AudioVideo;Video

Yes, except that AudioVideo;Audio and AudioVideo would be enough so long 
as All the Audio applications have AudioVideo;Audio. Most Video 
Applications are AudioVideo and it is hard to argue they should include 
Video without most of them also being Audio, ie. AudioVideo;Audio;Video;

> A player, like VLC might only need:
> * AudioVideo;Player

Yes, and most of them are already.

> But, these won't work:
> * Audio;Player
> * Video;Player
> * Audio;Video;Player

Right Lintian should dump them out. They will actually "work" The menu sw 
doesn't really care if AudioVideo is there or not, but they would not be 

> Also, the menu in itself does not really affect our work on the
> freedesktop categories. We have to choose correct categories that seem
> logical for each application, and later we can see which categories we
> end up using in our menu, all though some categories are pretty clear
> already.

True enough. I am only thinking our menu is the best place to start as it 
affects what we put out. However, I have always wanted the software a user 
adds after the fact to show up in the right place as well.

>> Tuner may be used in two ways, some people include it for an FM tuner and
>> others use it for an instrument tuner. The FM tuner should have Player as
>> well, In my opinion.
> Player specifies something that plays audio or video files. A tuner does
> not do that, right?

An FM tuner or TV tuner plays an RF Audio/AudioVideo stream in effect. An 
instrument tuner analyzes incoming audio and compares it to known 
frequencies. Playing is not just files, it applies to streams too.

> I do think we should add the Tuner to the multimedia playback category
> in the menu though.

Yes, the instrument tuner would be comfortable in Utility, 
AudioVideo;Audio;Utility or AudioVideo;Audio;X-AudioUtility. It would not 
be out of place in Accessories so to me the second uses the best 
combination with no new categories.

>> What do we do with Blender?
> I started thinking more about our extra categories, and realized
> something. Blender is both Graphics and AudioVideo. In more detail, it's
> 3DGraphics, and our newly created X-VideoEditing.
> And, with that, Blender would have something like:
>    Categories:Graphics;3DGraphics;AudioVideo;Video;AudioVideoEditing;X-VideoEditing
> But, since the combo of Video and AudioVideoEditing makes it possible to
> filter video editing applications only, there is no need for
> X-VideoEditing (and the same goed for X-AudioEditing in audio
> applications).

Yes :) I agree X-VideoEditing and X-AudioEditing are not needed.

> I'm starting to think the latter is the way to go actually. Less custom
> categories, but with the same result.
> In the case of Ardour
>   Categories:AudioVideo;Audio;AudioVideoEditing;Sequencer;Recorder

Seems fine. I suspect that will happen at the debian level but maybe not 
the ardour level. Hard to tell though.

> The combination of Sequencer, AudioVideoEditing and Recorder makes it
> possible to classify it as a DAW.


> LMMS can't record though, can it (I have to admit I don't use it much)?

It didn't before and while I had heard rumours audio recording was being 
added, the web page and faq etc. ( https://lmms.io/ ) do not show any way 
of getting audio in except as files.

> It is often regarded as a DAW, in which case perhaps it is enough to use
> the combo of Sequencer and AudioVideoEditing to classify something as a
> DAW. In any case, there is not absolute need for X-DAW (no matter if we
> use it as a menu item or not).

I agree. The X-effects and X-Instruments would be great. Anything with 
MIDI, but not X-effects, X-Istruments or sequencer can be a midi utility.
Getting Mixer added to all the ALSA mixers would be a real treat too. It 
seems the ones that come with ALSA are the worst. There is also 
HardwareSettings (subbed on Settings, but could be used with 
AudioVideo;Audio as well (Settings;HardwareSettings;AudioVideo;Audio) if 
the actual application would be "ok" in the settings menu.

There are a number of applications that use X-Jack. This may help put 
things like xjadeo in the right place.

> Coming back to Blender, I would personally like it if there was a
> special desktop file to start Blender in video editing mode, in which
> case there would be two desktop files for two purposes.

Making another desktop file is easy... finding a commandline that starts 
Blender as NLE or 3D creator is not. It can be configured to always start 
one way or the other... but a command line option would be nice. That 
should be a feature request. I think having the two desktop files in the 
two categories would go a long way to making Blender something more people 
would use. Right now anyone looking for a video NLE will open a graphics 
3D tool and close it again. (even if they know it may be used for video 
editing because the menu option for switching it over is not inuitive)

Len Ovens

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