[ubuntu-studio-devel] How wide spread is Linux spyware?

lukefromdc at hushmail.com lukefromdc at hushmail.com
Thu Jul 16 18:24:55 UTC 2015

Re: query.yahoo

I am not sure what this is, maybe you have Yahoo set up as a search engine in 
Firefox? I would advise disabling either all commercial search engines or all
search engines entirely. Also go into about: config and remove any Yahoo
URL's you see,

On 7/13/2015 at 3:02 PM, "Ralf Mardorf" <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net> wrote:
>On Mon, 13 Jul 2015 14:02:43 -0400, lukefromdc at hushmail.com wrote:
>>It works for me, will show the Hushmail "keep alive" when 
>running. All
>>it shows is the IP address, but plugging that one in brings up
>>Hushmail. Has worked fine on both Ubuntu Vivid and current Debian
>>Unstable. for me.    
>with the mouse I needed to move down a separator or what ever it's
>Now I see the real-time data.
>If I now search package details with the keyword "www" or "http" 
>not all URLs are shown. If I search for "http://ubuntustudio.org/",
>"www.google.de" etc. it's shown, but assumed I wouldn't know the 
>how could I see all URLs?
>Randomly I see "query.yahoo.apis.com" without using Yahoo and 
>doesn't show it either.
>I guess I need to read a tutorial.
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