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Thu Jan 8 03:47:23 UTC 2015

Audacity is very good for applying effects to a single soundtrack, and
it has a basic multitrack editor.  It's damned good for news and video 
soundtrack editing I've used it for that since 2004, and  versions all the 
way back to 1.0.  Ardour is another sound editor and is almost exactly the
opposite: a full featured multitrack editor with far fewer available effects
but an interface with many of the same features I remembered from 
analog multitrack tape machines.

I've not used Ardour much simply because my recording and editing scenarios 
are better served by Audacity.  If I were recording albums almost all the work
would be in Ardour, unless I needed to export a track, apply effects from Audacity,
and then re-import it back into the main multitrack.  There can be issues in 
Audacity with aligning sequentially-recorded tracks caused by latency and latency
compensation in some cases, I suspect that alone would make it not ideal for 
recording a band. 

Neither program fits all needs, that's why both programs are included.  

On 1/7/2015 at 10:13 PM, "Len Ovens" <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:
>On Wed, 7 Jan 2015, Daniel Gallo Camacho wrote:
>> I would like to find the best way that you can give me the best 
>support for
>> ubuntu-Studio
>> because currently it has not convinced me about the audacity 
>recording programs
>> is not much to my liking.
>Audacity is not a recording program. It is an editor. Ardour is a 
>better tracking and recording program, which is why it is included.
>> Ubuntu platform _Studio is very good for everyday performance, 
>for purposes of
>> professional Audio I think they lack a bit, I can you recommend 
>any user
>> ubuntu-studio with a recording studio and use linux platform?
>It is quite usable. It does depend on what you want to do as a 
>professional. However, if all you have found in UbuntuStudio is 
>you have missed almost all of the professional recording tools 
>Look closer.
>Len Ovens
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