[ubuntu-studio-devel] Voting System, WAS:Re: Next project lead

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Wed Dec 30 12:42:19 UTC 2015

Ok, let me give you an update on how condercet works. It's pretty simple
once you figure it out. It all comes to ranking, and how often a choice
is ranked higher than other choices, no matter if a choice is ever
ranked first.

Here's an example of an election with three candidates and seven voters.
Each line is a vote, where the voter ranks the three choices.

cand 1, cand 3, cand 2
cand 1, cand 3, cand 2
cand 1, cand 3, cand 2
cand 2, cand 3, cand 1
cand 2, cand 3, cand 1
cand 2, cand 3, cand 1
cand 3, cand 1, cand 2

So, who is the winner?
The answer is candidate 3.

While both cand 1 and cand 2 are ranked higher than cand 3 in three
votes each, cand 3 is ranked higher than the other two in four different
votes - when comparing per candidate.
Match between cand 1 and cand 3, cand 1 wins the first three votes, but
loses the last four.
Match between cand 2 and cand 3, cand 2 wins votes 4-6, but loses the
other four.
So, cand 3 wins.

In the case with three candidates, at least one vote needs to rank a
candidate first in order for that candidate to win, but with more
candidates, one who was never ranked first in a vote may win.

I'm using the default system when using http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/. If
anyone wants try it out, just head to that site and start a test poll.

Pretty simple, huh?

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