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Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon Aug 31 21:32:40 UTC 2015

Replying to this email because I can answer both  :)

On Mon, 31 Aug 2015, Jimmy Sjölund wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 11:46 AM, ttoine <ttoine at ttoine.net> wrote:
>       Thanks guys for your answers.
> Perhaps we should join the effort of KXstudio and develop something with
> its dev (if he agrees). I don't what is the best, that is why I send this
Falktx works almost full time on kxstudio and other projects. The chances 
of any of us keeping up with him, let alone being a helpful minion are 
pretty small.

> my emai. I just feel that we are screwed with Canonical until we use a
> Ubuntu derivative name.
> I'm not sure I got the last phrase? You mean we are screwed until we break loose
> from Ubuntu and Canonical? If so, why is that? Other than we can't make a profit?
> I don't really see any downsides being an official Ubuntu flavour otherwise.

I feel that UbuntuStudio is in a unique place that while it does have it's 
troubles also has a lot of plus sides too. If there was a debian distro 
that was consitantly stable, doing a debian based Studio might make sense. 
However, in my opinion, xubuntu makes the very best base for a multi media 
development distro. It is stable, has the help of people who also develop 
xfce, and it is made for doing more than entertainment. It is not a 
"beautiful desktop experience" suited to grabbing the attention of the 
smart phone user as Unity is, but it is well set up for work. It is 
featurefull enough that it doesn't feel unfinished, but at the same time 
very nimble.

Really, I feel we sometimes have more trouble with the debian packagers 
than with Ubuntu. We would do better for ourselves packaging Falktx's SW 
in debs for debian. (unless there is something non-free... as debian see 
it... in there) There are a number of other developers like openAV and Non 
that would benefit (them and us) from packaging their SW.

However, the real place we could shine is system infra structure. Making 
things like jack work well for the first time user. This is possible. Here 
is a simple sample that could be expanded:

The number of people who have trouble as a first time jack user would be 
cut down quickly if when they plugged in a USB AI, Jack just used it. Also 
running jack from session start. Running PA as just a jack front end would 
solve many issues too. The other thing that would make things easier for 
new jack users is to make sure all audio IFs are available when jack is 
running using zitta-ajbridge if needed. (controls would let the user 
decide which AI should be used as media clock with the rest having SR 
shift as needed)

This requires no real coding. It is mostly configuration and simple 
scripts. The big work would be testing. In the work we might even find out 
how to unstick jack... without killall -9.

Really, part of the trouble with Studio is that some people have said 
Studio is just Xubuntu with extra apps. Having -controls is the first step 
to showing that is not true... even if it is already untrue, a -controls 
application gives visual evidence.

Len Ovens

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