[ubuntu-studio-devel] continued as per request, from IRC

Ross Gammon retail at the-gammons.net
Sat Aug 22 09:25:28 UTC 2015

On 08/22/2015 10:24 AM, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
> Examples of other people taking initiative (not counting all):
>  * madeinkobaua is art lead, though not very active. He takes command of
>  the artwork.
>  * Ross is mostly focused on fixing bugs and working on more general
>  packaging for both Debian and Ubuntu, though he has also been active
>  with the categorization part.

Actually - the bug fixing has not gone exactly to plan. This is mainly
due to a lack of time, but also due to the fact that I don't know our
software packages that well, because I don't use them often. This is
mainly due to my Home Studio setup being full of very outdated equipment :-)

But seriously, I could do with some help to produce some good audio
troubleshooting guides. There is a lot of good stuff on Ubuntu wiki's,
and other sites (and I see a lot of good troubleshooting advice on our
-user list), but I have not had a chance to pull it all together on our

> We have defined different areas, and each would benefit from someone
> taking the lead.
>  * artwork (madeinkobaya is lead)
>  * development (no leads, but people can take charge of different
>  projects, and not only coders)
>    * packaging and bug fixing
>    * categorization and defining workflows
>    * package selection for our workflows
>    * application development
>  * documentation (no lead - so I am doing this)
>  * PR & Support (no lead - so I am doing this)
>  * Testing (no lead - so I am doing this)

I did make a start on taking part in this by updating manual test cases
for Audacity and Audacious and starting on qtractor.
If you are a user without a lot of software developing skills, this is
an easy area to get into. If the process is too scary - just send a test
case to this list in the form of a text file and someone else can do the
rest. It only needs to test the basic functions of the program (e.g.
Open file - edit something - make some noise etc..). The test cases are
basically in the form of:
- Click something
	- some window opens
- Click something else
	- the song can be heard playing



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