[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ubuntu Studio Packaging [Was: Re: continued as per request, from IRC]

Ross Gammon ross at the-gammons.net
Thu Aug 20 22:09:22 UTC 2015


Just chiming in on the packaging side of things (a few thoughts).

Existing Packages

I have done the occasional SRU, backport, sync & merge in Ubuntu. But I
would like to do more of this for Ubuntu Studio. The trouble is that
there is no place that I know of where you can see all of the Ubuntu
Studio Packages, and what work is required on them.

You can see the bugs here for our packages:
But as most of the bugs are not fully triaged, potential patches from
upstream that could be applied are not known about.

You can see here all the packages in universe that are out of sync with
But when the list is long, it can be hard to find our packages. You can
see here the state of the Debian Multimedia Team packages and look for
versions that are out of sync:

Spotting potential backports is harder. Launchpad gives you a view for
each package of what versions are in which release, but we need a table
(like the Debian Multimedia one) for our packages all on one page.

Maybe I just haven't found the right website, or worked out how to
search/filter properly?

New Packages

You can find wishlist bugs that have been tagged as "needs packaging" here:

Packaging for Ubuntu or Debian

It is possible to do the work in Ubuntu, and then when it is
accepted/uploaded in Ubuntu, offer it up to Debian. This works for
patches, but for complete packaging, they are likely just to do it
themselves eventually anyway.

For learning packaging, Ubuntu has some great documentation, but you
can't beat Debian Mentors for guiding you through the process:
There are a lot of wise packagers on the mailing list there ready and
willing to help answer questions.
But if people are interested in this, there is no reason why we couldn't
learn together here, and after a few successes, offer our service to the
Debian Multimedia Team.



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