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Hi Mike, 

thanks for your help. My latency is quite good, about 5
or 10 ms. I've always enjoyed Ubuntu Studio, and I'm happy to be using
it on my laptop now too, as well as my desktop that runs 12.04
wonderfully. On this laptop I'm running the default kernel, and although
I got a few xruns at first, things seem to be improving. (I have a hunch
that a fresh install gets xruns at first, maybe due to indexing?) 

was pleasantly surprised to see, when trying to extract a .rar file,
that the system automatically recommended the Rar or Unrar package to
install. That was a nice addition. 

The performance vs. ondemand issue
is resolved now. The perl script on the linuxaudio configuration page
now provides a terminal command that makes the performance setting stick
across reboots. 

I've never tried testing different kernels on a live
iso, I always (mistakenly!) thought that "a kernel's a kernel's a
kernel" across any computer. For simplicity's sake I'll probably stick
with what I have set-up for now, as it seems to work well. 

I hope to
be able to help out here in the future. I'd love to see "fsthost" (at
Sourceforge) added to the repos. I think it was available in the past, I
have it installed on my 12.04 system and works fine. It's a good VST
instrument host, and manages some VST synths better than FeSTige. A
crucial application for encouraging Windows users thinking of moving
over to linux. :) 


On Mon, 17 Aug 2015 10:58:25 -0400, Mike
Holstein wrote: 

> On Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 3:20 AM, wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've been using Ubuntu Studio for about 3-4 years now,
and really enjoying it. I just did an install of 14.04 on my 32-bit
laptop, and as always, it installed and runs just fine. :) 
>> I had
a couple of questions I wanted to put out there: 
>> as I do
realtime audio work, I wanted to see my system's settings for realtime
performance. All looked fine, except that CPU was set at "ondemand"
rather than "performance." Is the performance setting no longer
important for RT use? 
>> Also, I noticed that a few applications
were quite old versions. For example, amSynth was a very old version,
AMS was also old. (I upgraded by adding the KXStudio repos, which is
more up-to-date in this regard.)
> this is really more of a support
question, not directly related to development. 
> that being said, you
might think as i know i have in the past, "why are there no definitive
guides on how to setup pro audio on linux?".. well, the issue is, it can
be quite specific to your hardware and personal needs. i say, try
different kernels, and see what facilitates the latency and
configuration you need (assuming the hardware supports it, in linux). i
will usually try quite a few live iso's before settling on what best
fits the needs i have, and what the hardware in question supports best.
one easy way for me to test an older realtime kernel is by using the
AVlinux live iso. this can let me see if it would even be worthwhile
trying to force a different kernel to be used with ubuntustudio. 
> keep
in mind, we dont support the KXstudio ppa's, or AVlinux here, so, if you
use those, or any other 3rd party sources, it'll be up to you, and the
source maintainers to provide support.. 
> i agree with, and also
disable CPU scaling.. if possible, i'll disable it in the bios, for
machines intended for audio production. 
> what hardware are you using?
what latency are you getting? and by doing what tasks? are you getting
> cheers! 
>> For the rest, all looks very good, elegant and
rock-solid! ;) 
>> brian 
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