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the reason for upgrading each 6 months and not sticking to LTS version is
mainly Krita and Blender for me. Those are evolving so fast it's hard to
keep up without upgrading. The dependencies change with them because they
often use latest stable versions of certain libraries. Because for me
personally I do need or want to use the new features of those applications
(e.g. fire and smoke rendering in cycles (blender), painting in tiles for
textures (krita) ) it becomes hard to stick to LTS versions and even then I
have to add for example kubuntu-backports to my system.

Bottom line is that the reason to upgrade to the non-LTS versions is that
development between OS and applications is not synchronised.

A perfect example that I have now is (non-multimedia and not ubuntu-studio
specific related, but an example anyhow) gramps.
Its latest version is in the software center, but the feature to see a map
of locations is not available, because it requires a gnome library that I
can't install through synaptic or software center, simply because gramps
development uses a higher version of gnome then ubuntu can provide.

Yes, there is a solution to download and install that specific library
through terminal, but again it is a study on it's own to get it right which
will cost me at least a couple of hours to be sure I'm doing it right. And
I'm talking about ubuntu 14.04. Now I've installed a lower version of
gramps and locked that one in synaptic, just because I can't spend all that
time on it.

Upgrading to the latest Ubuntu-Studio version often proved faster and more
stable then adding ppa after ppa to get for example the latest python or to
get the new CUDA-stuff working (which is a big thumbs up to the
ubuntu-studio development team)

Also upgrading prevents ending up in what I've read somewhere (completely
forgotten where) as 'dependency-hell'.


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2014-05-18 16:59 GMT+02:00 Jimmy Sjölund <jimmy at sjolund.se>:

> On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 11:43 AM, bart deruyter <bart.deruyter at gmail.com>wrote:
>> OK, I can fix it in terminal, but I'm a user, not an administrator and
>> with the release cycle of six months, digging into manuals and tutorials to
>> fix my wacom each 6 months (yes, I forget it after six months, because I
>> the time on music, digital painting, writing and 3D) is too much effort. I
>> want to log in, and start working. The same counts for the configuration of
>> my firewire audio device, but luckily once installed those configurations
>> stay when upgrading through sudo apt-get (already forgot that command as
>> well).
> It's good feedback, however I must ask why you feel the need to upgrade
> every 6 months? Yes, there is a new release but the nice thing with the LTS
> releases is that they are supported longer. I only use LTS for my main
> computer for similar reasons, I don't want to dabble with all my custom
> settings every new release. Unless there is a version of some application I
> really, really want and can not make available in my installed LTS.
> /Jimmy
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