[ubuntu-studio-devel] Feature Spec discussion: ubuntustudio-desktop

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun May 18 14:19:48 UTC 2014

On Sun, 18 May 2014, bart deruyter wrote:
> I'd like to add my opinion on this.


> As a user I usually install ubuntu-studio and then add kubuntu-desktop, that
> way I have the low-latency kernel as default on boot and I log into KDE,
> having the menu's perfectly arranged as in ubuntustudio when I use the old
> start menu of KDE. I switch off desktop effects because in KDE, Unity and
> Gnome they cause trouble running qjack, even though I have a very good
> machine.

We need to add the tweak that displays a kind of kernel as default 
upstream into grub I think... in fact there are a few changes I would like 
to see there. Anyway, to default the lowlatency kernel at boot requires 
the addition of one file, but it could still be made into a package of 
it's own.

> The reason why I use KDE instead of XFCE is because I have a two monitor
> setup and I have to setup my wacom to use only one screen. XFCE does not
> have a GUI configuration tool to configure my wacom correctly. Also, KDE
> offers me a good workflow (but that's a personal preference).

This is good to know. The truth is that most of us who work on Studio are 
audio first people. KDE does work well for me as well, I don't like the 
audio control and end up installing pavucontrol to deal with initial setup 
of pulse and to deal with things like skype thereafter. (skype has issues) 
I can do this with kmix, but I have to work harder to find where... and 
many more clicks too. A good audio setup tool is something we need anyway 
because many of our users add extra audio IFs. xfce has just last cycle 
gotten a good dual monitor setup applet. Drawing tablet setup is something 
we need to look into. I have been wanting to get one as I have an idea for 
using one as a control surface for audio work. It is (as they say) on my 

> OK, I can fix it in terminal, but I'm a user, not an administrator and with
> the release cycle of six months, digging into manuals and tutorials to fix
> my wacom each 6 months (yes, I forget it after six months, because I the

One of Studio's goals is to be a GUI centric distro.

> Thinking about the way I use ubuntu-studio, my conclusion is simple. It are
> the GUI configuration tools that make me decide which DE to use. If ubuntu
> studio could offer the right GUI tools to configure my kernel, audio, video
> and wacom, without having to browse through countless wiki's each 6 months
> then I think it doesn't matter which DE I use.
> Thinking about maintenance of the software, I think it's the easiest way to
> maintain the right configuration tools for one DE instead of several, but
> I'm not a coder, so I can't evaluate that.

I think some of these set tools can be DE agnostic. It may be possible to 
use the KDE or gnome drawing tablet setup app(let) inside xfce. The colour 
adjustment setups is another area we need work on. The problem is that I 
cannot just go out an buy every tool we want to support so I can make sure 
it works. I could probably, if I knew the commandline stuff that worked, 
make a python/perl/or tcl script gui that worked with any DE, but I could 
not test it. Also, I could not give any ETA on it being done as family 
comes first. However, having someone there to test creations at least 
makes it doable.

Len Ovens

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