[ubuntu-studio-devel] Status: LTS development tasks still left to do

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Fri Mar 14 17:16:17 UTC 2014

I'm spending this weekend to work on some odd things that we absolutely
need to have done, as well as one added feature for the LTS release.
We're since long past Feature Freeze, as well as, since Thursday, past
UI freeze, so all of the uploads will be exceptions at this point.

# ubuntustudio-look and ubuntustudio-defailt-settings

madeinkoabaia just finished a series of wallpapers. The process of
choosing them has not been particurlarly democratic (me, and cub helped
giving feedback to madeinkobaia during the few days the wallpapers were
being created), but none of us has had the time and energy to start an
elective process for it. So, there we are.
The bottomline is, the wallpapers are good. They are based on the
thematic material found in our social banners for facebook and G+, and
seem fitting for a LTS release. I'm pretty sure everyone will be pleased
in the end, or I would not go through with making the change.

I'm also taking the liberty of making these wallpapers usable in Ubuntu
and Ubuntu Gnome. I might also have a look at KDE and LXDE, so that they
are loadable in those DEs as well.

# ubuntustudio-meta

ubuntustudio-meta, the source for our meta packages (ubuntustudio-audio,
ubuntustudio-video, ubuntustudio-desktop, etc) is not updated to contain
the changes we've made in our seeds (seeds is how we add stuff to our
live DVD, and the ubuntustudio-meta source looks in the seeds for
depends for the meta packages).
I took the liberty to make some last minute changes to make sure we are
somewhat in line with what is available today in the repositiories. 
Once I've finished all work, I'll ask someone with upload rights to
update ubuntustudio-meta for us.

# ubuntustudio-live

I've prepared a new source package for our live settings, including a
plugin that enables one to choose individual packages from our metas, or
just the whole meta. The source is based on edubuntu-live. I'm mostly
renaming stuff.
This is not absolutely essential, but a very nice thing to have.

Just letting you guys know what is going on, so no one is surprised when
there are new changes.

/Kaj Ailomaa - Ubuntu Studio project lead

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