[ubuntu-studio-devel] What should be included by default in Trusty?

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun Feb 16 16:12:09 UTC 2014

Entangle - For camera tethering. I just purchaced a DLSR and have been 
playing around with that. DSLRs have so much stuff on them... settings and 
other things. A tethhering program allows control of the whole camera from 
the computer. It allows previewing a shot from a large screen instead of a 
small camera screen. it allows taking a series of shots with no camera 
touches which may inadvertantly move the camera and so stop motion 
animation can be done... my 8 year old son had lots of fun with this, we 
need a surface that doesn't move too :)

A tethered camera does not have to use the SD card in the camera as it 
imports each shot as it is taken. The whole set of shots can have a unique 
root name and be numbered starting at 0000. The picture info can also be 
unique to the shoot. The copyright, owner etc. can be set for the session.

I have noticed that at least any of the portrait studios I have been to 
also use some sort of tethering program.

Len Ovens

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