[ubuntu-studio-devel] What should be included by default in Trusty?

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Wed Feb 12 23:28:28 UTC 2014

On Wed, 12 Feb 2014, Marco BRUNO wrote:

> A very interesting tools is "CADENCE" used in kxstudio. unlike qtjack in my
> opinion is much more intuitive.

Cadence is on the list waiting for a debian package. I can see no reason 
not to add it when it becomes available. I guess I am quite used to 
qtjackctl  :)  I don't find it unintuitive.

> Another software that we use for our web radio IDJC is present (not in the
> latest version) in the ubuntu repos.

Is the latest version in debian?

> Another need that comes to mind is a software for the management of tags in
> media files. An example is kid3 but there will be many more.
> I maintain a web radio Creative Commons and the proper handling of tags is
> crucial.

I hadn't thought of that. Broadcast is one of the workflows I do want to 
see supported which is why I added IDJC. If kid3 is the tool you use for 
this purpose because it seems to be the best for your use, that makes it a 
good pick if no one else has another idea.

> Finally, it would be nice to have a voip client that works with jackd
> (without pulseaudio).

I would add the word natively. A lot of the VIOP clients use an audio lib 
that can support jack i/o but the support is poor. The jack ports appear 
when the call comes in and the jack routing has to be done at that time... 
also some of the lib jack support doese other nasty things like use a 
different port name in jack for each new call and of course there is that 
wonderful auto connect "feature" that SW authors think is so nice :P

Asterisk does have jackd support available that looks quite good. It may 
be worth while making a addon package for Asterisk that provides a set up 
like that in a server mode. I have found that voip plus idjc is too much 
for my computer to handle. (admittedly my computer is older) I am 
thinking that netjack may be a good answer with a netjack client on an 
asterisk server that could handle other calls as well.

Speaking of netjack... if we ever get a working version of libopus (from 
jack's POV). I think it may be possible to use that dirrectly for remote 
content provision. The only problem I see with this is routing across 
firewalls. It should be ok so long as the netjack master has a visible 
IP/domain. Asterisk really has the same problem, but there are at least 
known work arounds.

Len Ovens

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