[ubuntu-studio-devel] Trusty initial testing

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Sat Feb 8 19:22:41 UTC 2014

We've hit *Debian import freeze* (last thursday, or so), and that means
that packages won't be auto imported from Debian anymore for this

For this reason, now would be a good time to grab a Ubuntu Studio trusty
image, and try out some applications, and see whether they are behaving
or not. If we find bugs, they need to be reported so that we have a
chance of fixing them before the release, which is coming up in April.
To report a bug, open a terminal, and do: ubuntu-bug <application>
(<application> is the name of the executable found for the application
in /usr/bin/ )

We don't have a system for testing, currently. At least, we need to make
sure all the important parts are working.
If you're particularly into a specific field, it would be natural for
you to test the applications that deal with that field, as you will know
the difference between something working as intended, or not.
And, if anyone would be interested in developing a system for testing
Ubuntu Studio, you are welcome to get involved to develop such a system.

Anyway, I will do some testing tomorrow. And will continue to do testing
over the coming weeks.

Current images can be found at

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