[ubuntu-studio-devel] Simple scan

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon Oct 14 17:22:01 UTC 2013

Simple scan is a nice quick easy to use scanner control appication 
ubuntustudio ships with. I have used it since we added it and been happy 
with it... till this past week. It seems to does a great job of scanning 
high contrast/monchrome papers (ie. text). However, this past week I 
needed to scan some colour stuff and the best I could get from simple scan 
was greyscale. I checked all the menu items (preferences, etc.) Where I 
could change from line to grey scale and set resolution, but there was no 
way of turning colour scanning on.

While this is probably not a problem for most desktop use, we do ship a 
Graphic Design workflow. I would suggest a more full featured scanning 
application would make more sense.

In my case I installed xsane (I was in a hurry and I knew it would do what 
I wanted). Are there other full featured scanning applications around? and 
which is best?

It would be possible to include simple scan in Desktop and then add xsane 
(or whatever) to both graphics and photography.

Please Note: This is 14.04 stuff. Nothing will change for 13.10 :)

Len Ovens

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