[ubuntu-studio-devel] Anoying/confusing things in our DE

Jimmy Sjölund jimmy at sjolund.se
Sun Nov 17 10:55:38 UTC 2013

Hi all,

the changes I do on all installations:

1) Create the ctrl+alt+tkeyboard shortcut  to open terminal
Easily fixed which I intend to set up for 14.04. I think Xubuntu already
have re-introduced the keyboard shortcut?

2) Install LibreOffice Writer and Calc
On my main laptop I also install Impress and Draw.

3) Install Chromium or Chrome browser
I also try to get my computer to set it as default browser but it never

4) Set up Solarized for terminal, Vim and Xchat.
Both dark and light theme. It was easier before 13.04 when a Solarized dark
was included as a theme choice in terminal. That messed up the settings
when trying to incorporate the light theme as well as Vim colours.

5) Install Dropbox
Personal choice so not something that should be included in a distribution.

6) Install Skype
Personal choice so not something that should be included in a distribution.

Then on my eee pc I move the bottom panel to the left side. I found that I
accidently opened it all the time when reading or working in documents.
However when on the left side it sort of collides with the standard menu,
but it's better than on the bottom. I have tried to remove it but found
that it was too rooted in my muscular memory and I put it back. I only use
it to start my browser and Xchat though so I should be able to do that with
alt-f2, but I seem to never learn.


On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 6:40 PM, Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:

> As prep for getting the best experience for 14.04 I would like to know
> what people find anoying about our default desktop. What are the first
> things you change. Not everything you or I find anoying should be changed
> as we are trying not to confuse people new to UbuntuStudio as well.
>  -I like focus follows mouse. I have used things this way since I began
> using X with fvwm in the 90s. Probably won't get changed due to all the
> windows raised people around.
>  - default to possition all new windows in centre of the screen. I would
> prefer under mouse... well really I prefer new windows to end up in clear
> desktop space, but we don't seem to have that on xfce. Anyway, centre of
> screen means all the windows go on top of each other :P
>  - click and double click on the window title bar defaults to full screen
> or other action. The most common reason I click on the title bar is to move
> the window. I would prefer double click to do nothing. (the first thing to
> wear out of a mouse seems to be the left button resulting in unintended
> double clicks)
>  - scroll wheel on mouse changes workspace. This is really confusing for
> those who have yet to get btheir minds wrapped around more than one
> workspace. This mildly anoying for the rest of us (well me anyway) as it
> means that as soon as the mouse wanders off of the window I am using the
> scroll wheel for scrolling with, I get a blank screen or some other app and
> have to go and find what I was working on again. I think this should
> default to off.
>  - The bottom pannel....
>    a) the bottom (at least for me) is a bad place for this. Left side.
> Monitors are no longer 3x4, using a side for this instead of bottom makes
> more sense.
>    b) auto hide results in the application sharing the space the pannel
> takes as well as the whole bottom making it appear that the application
> being used no longer responding even though the mouse is not over the mouse
> itself. This may be fixable by making the pannel less than 100%
>    c) I find the icon size too big. this is subjective :)
>    d) Do we need this pannel at all?
>    e) I think we could pick better apps to populate it.
>  - The broken top pannel toys... these are being worked on... probably not
> a part of this discusion.
>  - Desktop icons... first thing I turn off, I fill my desktop with apps
> anyway, getting used to starting/opening things from the desktop is not
> efficient. Probably won't get changed for histerical reasons.
>  - clock format, and maybe app. We switched to Orage because the clock
> applet doesn't open a calendar when clicked. However, Orage is more
> difficult to set default time/date format. We should watch what Xubuntu
> does here.... it sounds like they are annoyed too :)
> Please comment on any of these and feel free to add your pet peaves too...
> even if they seem opposite to mine. I do know how to set my desktop the way
> I want it, but would prefer that the average and new person gets the best
> workflow without having to learn to set things up. SO please think in these
> terms. We really do want productivity first, and nice looks right after
> that.
> --
> Len Ovens
> www.ovenwerks.net
> --
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