Studio with Cinnamon

lukefromdc at lukefromdc at
Mon May 27 23:03:41 UTC 2013

The reason is this: I have no accounts anywhere on the entire Internet
linked to me by real name, etc, same with Internet access. In a world
of modern internet tracking tools, to protect my identity on any posting
I must protect it on all activities without exception.  Happy to here this
work should still be usable, however.

I do have a PGP key with the identity I am known by, an a Launchpad account,
though I have not been able to update that to replace a Hotmail account I had
to abandon when they asked for a phone number.

>I could however just make a comment on this, and that is: why would
>secrecy be important as far as Debian/Ubuntu packaging is 
>I'm sure that if you can meet existing Debian or Ubuntu devs, and 
>them to sign your gpg signature personally, there's no technical
>requirement to include your real personal information. I haven't 
>this part up, so I don't know if there is a policy for this. The
>important thing is to be able to trust the source and be able to
>identify it.

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