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Len Ovens len at
Mon May 27 22:28:24 UTC 2013

On Mon, May 27, 2013 1:07 pm, lukefromdc at wrote:
> I installed UbuntuStudio 13.04 to an extra partition, very nice
> job everyone, it looks great by default and it not a whole lot
> different a UI than what I've done with Cinnamon. Theme is
> different in some ways, but I was still instantly reminded of the
> original 2008 default appearance.

I think that is part of why it was chosen.
> I then began the job of installing Cinnamon, which is now available in
> Ubuntu's repos and installed fine along with the Nemo file manager it
> works with. That part was easy, NOTHING else was.

:)  Welcome to the world of developing!

> Here were the issues I ran into:
> configuration steps then required:
> mkdir ~/.themes
> download "GNOME" black theme (could put into a deb)
> extract to ~/.themes

Can't do that for a distro... And you don't want to either :) You want to
have a theme package and install it. It should end up in /usr somewhere.
Then it needs to be selected in the default settings... or at least

> Switch menu to "start-here.png" in ubuntustudio-icons
> Could be done by overwriting /usr/share/cinnamon/theme/menu.png
> or manually in menu-settings by selecting
> /usr/share/icons/ubuntustudio/places/24/distributor-logo.png

Probably should be doable from a subdirectory of /etc/xdg Probably

I haven't thought of it before but we may be able to set it using a:
Line in the menu file.

> Looks REAL nice in GNOME theme

Good to here.
> I do NOT know how to script the latter, the former would be reverted
> on any update of Cinnamon

Needs to be set in the system defaults in /etc/xdg It should survive
updating cinnamon just fine there.

> Set Nemo background to ubuntustudio default:
> But tool to set this is BROKEN right now!
> Have to drop background in ~/pictures, install
> Nautilus, select it in gnome-control-center, then
> remove (not purge) Nautilus so Nemo will start

Not there, Somewhere in /usr/share/ubuntustudio/ would be the place... in
fact it should be moved there for all the DEs... hint it is not there
right now :P

One of the things we need to do is to take our settings, themes, artwork
and icons and set them up in such a way that they make sense to any DE...
or at least any of the DEs we support. Right now the wallpapers are in

> Applets added to panel such as workspace-switcher
> must be manually moved to desired position in
> panel-edit more, again I do not know how to
> automate this.

More /etc/xdg/cinnamonstudio stuff.

What does ls /etc/xdg look like right now after adding cinnamon to studio?

> Worst issues to date: Cinnamon menus not at all like
> current UbuntuStudio menus, do NOT respect
> UbuntuStudio menu package, current nor prior.

The ubuntustudio menu just now is specific to xfce. I am not familiar
enough with the old -menus to comment on those (we are not using them, but
will be), though I think they are not much changed right now. The question
may be if cinnamon is xdg compliant, or if it has the hooks installed in
their main menu to merge other menus. Does the wine menu show? (US
installs wine in the 32bit version) Wine drops a menu stub in the default
place for menu merge files

I am working right now on making the menu DE agnostic. I can get my
private version to work with either xfce or KDE at the moment. There is
still a lot of work to be done though, I don't have all *.desktop or
*.directory files set up yet (though the directory files are pretty much
done) and the icon theme needs some switching around of where the files go
in the icon file tree. Your older ubuntustudio icon theme could be added
to the US icon theme file as studio-classic and selected as default for

> The default theme and other installed themes
> do not render the window borders properly
> in Cinnamon, causing all windows to appear
> as though they were inactive windows.

I am not sure what to do about that... another theme that does work could
be substituted as part of the cinnamon package and set that as default for
that DE.

Len Ovens

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