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Mon May 27 20:07:28 UTC 2013

I installed UbuntuStudio 13.04 to an extra partition, very nice
job everyone, it looks great by default and it not a whole lot
different a UI than what I've done with Cinnamon. Theme is 
different in some ways, but I was still instantly reminded of the
original 2008 default appearance.

I then began the job of installing Cinnamon, which is now available in
Ubuntu's repos and installed fine along with the Nemo file manager it
works with. That part was easy, NOTHING else was.

Here were the issues I ran into:

configuration steps then required:

mkdir ~/.themes
download "GNOME" black theme (could put into a deb)
extract to ~/.themes

Switch menu to "start-here.png" in ubuntustudio-icons
Could be done by overwriting /usr/share/cinnamon/theme/menu.png
or manually in menu-settings by selecting /usr/share/icons/ubuntustudio/places/24/distributor-logo.png

Looks REAL nice in GNOME theme

I do NOT know how to script the latter, the former would be reverted
on any update of Cinnamon

Set Nemo background to ubuntustudio default:

But tool to set this is BROKEN right now!

Have to drop background in ~/pictures, install
Nautilus, select it in gnome-control-center, then
remove (not purge) Nautilus so Nemo will start

Applets added to panel such as workspace-switcher
must be manually moved to desired position in
panel-edit more, again I do not know how to 
automate this.

Worst issues to date: Cinnamon menus not at all like
current UbuntuStudio menus, do NOT respect 
UbuntuStudio menu package, current nor prior.

The default theme and other installed themes
do not render the window borders properly
in Cinnamon, causing all windows to appear
as though they were inactive windows.

>On 05/23/2013 at 4:39 PM, "Kaj Ailomaa" <zequence at> 
>>On Thu, May 23, 2013, at 10:25 PM, lukefromdc at wrote:
>>> OK, I just pulled the information fom the Wiki. Will take me a 
>>> to get this rolling, for two reasons: Bandwidth issues mean I 
>>> to go on the road to pull a DVD image, and I first need to 
>>> build my existing code into Debian packages (I use ordinary 
>>> locally at this point).
>>> I'll start chewing on this, already have a Launchpad account, 
>>I'll try
>>> to get a meta setup for 13.10.  Question: Cinnamon is still in 
>>> should I use a package to add that PPA to sources.list for the 
>>> or do something else?
>>You don't need to find out how to do the meta by yourself, but 
>>you're done setting up a dev environment, I'll let you in on how 
>>Just let me know when you're ready to begin.
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