Voip SIP client and jack

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon May 27 13:42:53 UTC 2013

On Mon, May 27, 2013 5:46 am, Marco BRUNO wrote:
> Hello everyone, and I hope to ask the question in the right place.
> Ubuntu studio currently has no voip / SIP software  to work with Jack.

Not just Ubuntu, but Linux in General. I'm looking for the same thing :)
> ihu (i hear you)  is  suggested on jack site  but not present in ubuntu
> repository.

I haven't heard of that one, Thanks for the pointer, I'll look.

> I think may be a software useful for example in a webradio to connect
> directly to IDJC program .

This is called "remote broadcast contribution" and would be useful for
some of the on air radio/TV broadcasters as well. You can read about some
of the research in this area on the EBU website (not Linux).

> Through a loopback device driver is possible to elect a pulse audio in
> jack
> but it is not easy for someone who is at the beginning.

I think probably the first thing would be to set the jack-pulse bridge to
not auto connect so a session manager/ or other jack tool can do the
connecting. There are some changes to pulse that may show up at some time
making it easier to set up jack as the default. But ya, right now it is
not the best.
> Exist other sw match this goal?

The other idea I have is to use jackd itself in the for of netjack, but
that requires both ends to use jack and understand it. The OPUS codec is
standard in the latest jack, but requires a tweaked OPUS lib as OPUS uses
non-binary sized chunks :P  I get the sense that jackd may ship with it's
own opus at some point or you can roll your own. (compile option)
> i'm Sorry for the English but I am Italian.

The English is fine, no worries. I am one of the few here with English as
a first language.

Len Ovens

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