Making Studio work with more than one DE

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at
Wed May 22 23:38:21 UTC 2013

Am 22.05.2013 23:22, schrieb Len Ovens:
> On Wed, May 22, 2013 12:25 am, Hartmut Noack wrote:
>> Am 22.05.2013 07:53, schrieb Len Ovens:
>>> This is an interesting project.
>> To be frank: "interesting project" is quite bold a description for
>> installing more than one DE in Linux. It would be "interesting" though,
>> if the US-packages would fail to run OK in KDE, Fluxbox UNITY, you name
>> it.
>> So if you got the time, and if you do not mind please allow me to point
>> your attention to other things, that my or may not be most interesting
>> too:
>> Mon May 13 17:50:27 2013: JACK server starting in realtime mode with
>> priority 10
>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: cannot register object path
>> "/org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio2": A handler is already
>> registered for /org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio2
>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Failed to acquire device name : Audio2
>> error : A handler is already registered for
>> /org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio2
>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Audio device hw:2 cannot be acquired...
>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Cannot initialize driver
>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: JackServer::Open failed with -1
>> Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Failed to open server
>> To have a Ubuntu Studio, that can in fact always start Jack on supported
>> hardware under any DE you like, would indeed be a most interesting thing
>> to be achieved I dare to think.
> Thankyou for your comment. I can not work on your problem for a number of
> reasons. The first being that with two computers and 5 different audio
> interfaces, I have not had that problem. So for me to work on it, you
> would have to ship your system to me so I can "work on it".

You do not need to fix it, I would consider it a major improvement and
call you a sage, if you could only tell me, what could be the actual
reason for it. I suspect, that I could find a way to fix it myself and
share this fix with the world if I only would know wehre exactly to
begin I was even grepping thru /etc in the faint hope to find that
config-file that has something related to that message.

It is a part of PA, so much I did find out:;a=blob;f=reserve.txt

so it is PA in collaboration with dbus. Do you know a place, where I can
find the documentation how dbus is configured to run PA in Ubuntu?

> And if it
> turned out that this was an upstream problem, I would have to ship your
> system (or sound card) upstream to someone who was willing to work on it.

You know and I know, that this has nothing to do with my hardware. I run
this gear all day perfectly OK once I have started it by un/replugging
the interface several times. And I can reproduce the problem at will. It
is  a matter of software, software-setup I guess.

> Second, I am not a coder. I can do shell script (bash, tcl/tk and some
> python) and a bit of c, so long as time is not a consideration... in other
> words I would not even try to look at real time coding or anything that
> needed special libs. That stuff right now is beyond me. C++ just doesn't
> make sense to me, I can use some of the GUI stuff by following examples,
> but I don't really understand what I am doing. Third, this is not a paid
> position. That is not how community projects work. If this was a
> commercial project, the first thing that would happen is they would hire
> someone better than me. Second that person would have specific goals such
> as you ask. But in the community based project, volunteers look around for
> what they can do and what interests them and do it. That is what I am
> doing. I do also do ISO and install testing as well as some (very little
> right now) recording. So I know that for my systems jack (and pulse) both
> work. Speaking of community, as you are a part of it and have a special
> interest in the problem you have, perhaps you should start there. What
> some of us can do is help you understand where to start, and what steps to
> take. (welcome to the team)
>> Ahhh: OK, OK: if you can *promise*, that you can make the above
>> mentioned failed to start kind of thing disappeare for good, I would
>> provide a nice US-Menu and some documentation too for running US under
>> KDE. And half a dozen Wallpapers....
> How much are you willing to pay for this service? For these promises?

Ohhh sorry for that I thought delivering a working system was your
promise anyway, I only asked for a promise to not forget that.

> How
> much of a wage are you willing to pay so that we can hire some coders to
> fix your problems? This is a volunteer project, we are happy when people
> do something productive that moves the project forward.

Last time I checked, reporting bugs was considered something to move a
project forward. So I expose to you my bug, you crush it, get the fun
and the fame.

To increase the motivation I am willing to work for you by providing a
solution for you latest project: running Ubuntu Studio in another DE. So
you got the time to find a coder who actually *knows* what part of Pulse
audio is causing that registration of my USB-soundcard.

I am working on this for about a year now, for me and for others, that
have the same problem. Most of them do not even try to fix it, they
simply reboot....

excuse the venom please... its late....

best regards



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