Menu changes

Len Ovens len at
Tue May 14 05:29:01 UTC 2013

Anyone who feels like trying out 13.10, please look at the menu(s) and
give feedback.

The major change is that the settings menu is gone to be completely
replaced by the settings manager. Anything that used to be in the settings
menu is now accessible from the settings manager. This is much cleaner
than having some settings in a menu and some other ones in the settings

Xubuntu has also done this (for 13.04 actually) but many of the system
utilities ended up in the xubuntu settings that I felt belonged in the
system menu. (software installation, disk partitioning, etc.) I have fixed
that in ours.

I have also tried to make sure the various settings are in the right
group. Because we use setting utilities from other places besides xfce for
some things, the categories don't line up as well as they could. I have
tried to make the best placement manually. Please feel free to comment on
this as I can change which group things show up in.

I have added an audio group for audio specific settings.  Anything I
should add there? Or should all of these things end up as part of the
audio production menu? Right now it is just LADI config and the LADI log
file viewer, but any audio controls could go here... or they could go in
the audio menu somewhere.

The other possibility I considered is to also incorporate the system
utilities into this manager and get rid of the system menu as well. I felt
that was to big of a change to just go there. I'm not sure that would be

I don't think I have real strong preferences here. I just tried to make

Len Ovens

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