alsa mixers

Len Ovens len at
Sun May 12 06:57:37 UTC 2013

> On Wed, May 8, 2013, at 07:09 AM, David Henningsson wrote:

>> Before rushing away to write yet another mixer, may I suggest that you
>> first look at the current choices a bit and see if it is possible to
>> improve them to do what you want? This does not only have the benefit of
>> saving you some work to get the basic stuff up and running, it also
>> makes the final product fit more use cases than just yours (and as a
>> result, you'll get help finding/fixing bugs and so on). And, many
>> upstreams are longing for more contributions and a wider user base.

Speaking of which, I came across qamix, a sub project of ams. Are you
still involved with ams? Do you know if qamix is still alive? It does have
profiles for each audio card (or it has profiles so one could be made for
any card). It is also midi controlable. The screenshots I could find look
good too. It could be upgraded to qt4.

Len Ovens

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