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Thu Mar 14 19:02:01 UTC 2013

Here are my slightly modded and ported GTK and icon themes.

I attached them both, have sent them before if they get lost

I simply call them  "Ubuntustudio_Legacy" on my machines, though they do contain three alterations I also used back to 2008:

A blue-green in GTK

old GNOME icons for debian packages, python script,perl scripts a few odds and ends. The beautiful folder, place, device, audio, etc icons have been kept essentially unchanged from 2008, and new icons added to support things that 
didn't have icons in the old package. They keep the original blue and are gorgeous on my background of green trees and
grass. I use the old KDE3.5 "soft-green" background image on the desktop, in Plymouth, Lightdm, even in GRUB.

The gorgous mp3 icon had to be downsampled to a smaller filesize to allow large directories full of mp3 files to load in reasonable time. Looks the same, loads much faster.

The icon alterations to existing icons can be reverted by simply copying the
original ubuntustudio hardy icons over them. All new icons used to support new
prgrams will remain.

The blue-green I use in GTK is easily reverted by changing the colorname in the 
GTK3 gtk.css, settings.ini, and GTK2 gtkrc files. This should yield the original UbuntuStudio theme or very close to it for GTK3, original for GTK2, original icons for all applications supported in 2008 and working icons for anything I have installed since then. Expect to find a few gaps for things I don't use and haven't seen which are new since 2008, though.

I am not sure where authorship would be claimed (somewhere else in ubuntustudio-look, maybe?), but you can add luke <lukefromdc at> as having ported the theme to GTK3 and added a few icons. Feel free to use them any way you can.

On 03/14/2013 at 11:09 AM, "Kaj Ailomaa" <zequence at> wrote:
>On Wed, 13 Mar 2013 20:20:30 +0100, <lukefromdc at> 
>> I still think the theme used back in 2008 was gorgeous, and it 
>> worked with
>> XFCE at that time.  Still using a rough port of it (to handle 
>> applications)
>> myself. As far as am  concerned, whoever did the orignal 
>> artwork
>> in 2007-2008 did an incredible job.
>I just had the idea that if we ported the theme to XFCE4, we could 
>it to Ubuntu Studio classic, or something. Even if we wouldn't use 
>it as  
>default, we could include it.
>Would you be interested in sharing what you've done on it so far?
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