The Blue screen !

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On Fri, 2013-03-08 at 06:42 -0600, Joseph Ronne wrote:
> Running with UbuntuStudio 12.04.2.. This is the second time I have
> gotten this, the first time I thought maybe it was just a bad dream.
> Start the machine, give it the password and poink.. a flat blue screen
> (a prettier blue than microsoft) with nothing on it... Shutdown, Start
> machine up again and boink it jumps right into Ubuntu .. no password
> needed..  !!??
> This is a Dell dimension 9100 Pent 4 dual 3 ghz, 4 g mem, 1T sata hd

My 12.04 still is ok, but 12.10, Ubuntu Studio and Ubuntu on my machine
have issues with DEs and handling applications.

The issues I get aren't Evolution and GNOME related only, e.g. current
version of Evolution does run on Arch, without the Ubuntu Quantal
issues, but it's still one of the borked GNOME apps, so it can't harm to
get rid of as much GNOME3, Unity and similar crap.

Perhaps time to drop Ubuntu, advantage of other distros, no evil
commerce and if you start qjackctl, you can kill it, using the same
name, IOW no pulseaudio crap.

However, did you remove Ubuntu Studio 12.04 and install e.g. Ubuntu
12.04? If not, try this, Ubuntu Studio often was more buggy on my
machines, when installing from it's media, but it was ok, when I
installed another Ubuntu (Ubuntu, Edubuntu) and after that the Ubuntu
Studio meta packages.


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