Ubuntu Studio Raring tasks complete - Testing remains

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Tue Mar 19 12:39:54 UTC 2013

With the last upload of ubuntustudio-look, all changes for Raring release  
are now complete.
We won't be making any more changes before release - only testing, and bug  

So, if you find bugs, report them. If they are serious, make some noise.
If you find any kind of Ubuntu Studio specific bugs, let us know on way or  
another, so we have a chance of fixing them before final release.

I would like to add more on testing later, and also encourage users to  
participate, but for now, let me just add these notes:

Aside from normal installation and usage, what we need to test is doing  
release upgrades from Quantal to Raring. And if we find problems, we need  
to analyze and report them.

On customizations:

We can't support anything aside from what we ship, so if you add  
applications that we don't ship, and something related to those doesn't  
upgrade well, it's not really related to Ubuntu Studio - doesn't mean you  
shouldn't report it if you find it to be a bug.

However, if you customize the desktop, not adding any new applications,  
just using the tools we ship, and the upgrade fails - I would regard that  
as Ubuntu Studio related.

If an upgrade fails in any way, just using the apps we ship, be it a clean  
install, or not, it's an Ubuntu Studio upgrade bug and should be addressed  
by us.

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