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A few random thoughts:

It seems to me that a new "official" theme should be introduced with each
LTS release.  Where/how this theme is developed is not so important as is a
consistent look, feel and functionality with all UbuntuStudio parts.
Perhaps alternate introducing dark and light themes for each release?

Wallpapers: I'm surprised and disappointed that more community
contributions haven't been adopted ... or perhaps I missed the invitation
to participate?  At any rate, perhaps a contest?

Can/would/should the XFCE team or community be willing to contribute to US
artwork in some fashion?

Finally if the goal is to generate community involvement, introductory
tutorials on DIY xfce themes and the various US tools graphic tools would
seem a welcome addition to the official US "Welcome New User!"
Oh, and has Desktop Publishing really been abandoned as an Ubuntu Studio
component?  No Scribus, no font manager ... just askin'.

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= Creating Art for Ubuntu Studio =

Lately, we haven't been very active on creating art for Ubuntu Studio. Not
sure exactly how this has been managed back in the day when Ubuntu Studio
had its own gtk2 theme and so forth.
There are three ways I see how we can go about it in the future, and this
depends on what we want to achieve with the artwork.

Out of these three suggestions, I'd personally like to go with having a
art team work for us, but in order to make that happen, we need to find
some artists who are willing to work with us on this.

== 1. Art Team Develops the Artwork ==

With this solution, we have artists developing the artwork during the
development cycle, or over several cycles.  Using this method, it would be
logical to strive for a unified theme, where all of the components - XFCE
theme, icon theme, wallpaper, and the look on our website and social sites
are all coherent, at least to some degree. It would mean there is some
kind of a schedule, with planned goals. It would also mean that we need to
get artists to join our team.

== 2. Submissions selected by Ubuntu Studio devs ==

We set dates, call for submissions, and then the team decides what goes
onto the ISO. It would be hard to have a unified theme experience this
way, but the team is still able to select items that they think go well
together, and what works with Ubuntu Studio, generally.

== 3. Community decides ==

We set dates, call for submissions, and have polls. The Ubuntu Studio team
could either let the users decide completely, or at a minimum decide what
submissions will be up for a vote.

= Choosing wallpaper for this cycle =

As for the current problem on selecting the wallpaper - we haven't really
discussed how to go about it. And we need to do that pretty fast. User
interface freeze is March 21st

The situation right now is that we have one of my wallpapers as default on
the ISO (just got it in yesterday)
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/RockTheme, but it's not a
final decision in any way.

We have gotten a few suggestions so far. It's not much, but enough to put
together some kind of vote. So, should we let our users decide (if we do
that, I'd rather we do it on social channels and mail lists alike, and use
some kind of poll service), or do we let the devs decide (which would be

I would like to include the best of what has been suggested so far in any
case, no matter which one is chosen as default.
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