Choosing Art for Ubuntu Studio

Shubham Mishra mishrashubham2007 at
Thu Mar 14 03:21:40 UTC 2013

On 03/13/2013 11:10 PM, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
> = Creating Art for Ubuntu Studio =
> Lately, we haven't been very active on creating art for Ubuntu Studio. 
> Not sure exactly how this has been managed back in the day when Ubuntu 
> Studio had its own gtk2 theme and so forth.
> There are three ways I see how we can go about it in the future, and 
> this depends on what we want to achieve with the artwork.
> Out of these three suggestions, I'd personally like to go with having 
> a art team work for us, but in order to make that happen, we need to 
> find some artists who are willing to work with us on this.
> == 1. Art Team Develops the Artwork ==
> With this solution, we have artists developing the artwork during the 
> development cycle, or over several cycles.  Using this method, it 
> would be logical to strive for a unified theme, where all of the 
> components - XFCE theme, icon theme, wallpaper, and the look on our 
> website and social sites are all coherent, at least to some degree. It 
> would mean there is some kind of a schedule, with planned goals. It 
> would also mean that we need to get artists to join our team.
> == 2. Submissions selected by Ubuntu Studio devs ==
> We set dates, call for submissions, and then the team decides what 
> goes onto the ISO. It would be hard to have a unified theme experience 
> this way, but the team is still able to select items that they think 
> go well together, and what works with Ubuntu Studio, generally.
> == 3. Community decides ==
> We set dates, call for submissions, and have polls. The Ubuntu Studio 
> team could either let the users decide completely, or at a minimum 
> decide what submissions will be up for a vote.
> = Choosing wallpaper for this cycle =
> As for the current problem on selecting the wallpaper - we haven't 
> really discussed how to go about it. And we need to do that pretty 
> fast. User interface freeze is March 21st 
> The situation right now is that we have one of my wallpapers as 
> default on the ISO (just got it in yesterday) 
>, but it's not a 
> final decision in any way.
> We have gotten a few suggestions so far. It's not much, but enough to 
> put together some kind of vote. So, should we let our users decide (if 
> we do that, I'd rather we do it on social channels and mail lists 
> alike, and use some kind of poll service), or do we let the devs 
> decide (which would be faster)?
> I would like to include the best of what has been suggested so far in 
> any case, no matter which one is chosen as default.

So what exactly is needed here? A unified Ubuntu Studio GTK, window 
manager and icon theme? If so it would be nearly impossible to make it 
all by the UI freeze (which is just a week away) wouldn't it? 
Considering the time required to arrange for an artist team, then laying 
out the plans and coordinating everything, testing for bugs.......

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