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Tue Mar 5 05:29:32 UTC 2013

Saves across unplugging/hotplugging too. Only requirement is this:

Same monitors plugged into same jacks each time, on same make
of video card. If you reverse which one is on VGA and which one is
on DVI (analog by adaptor) you are back to superimposed. Same for
switching from ATI to Nvidia(nouveau) or back.

The only reason I don't hotplug is that it's a nuisance to do so with 
my hardware installation layout. Booting with only one keeps 
Plymouth from flickering as the user desktop comes up (autologin
after booting an encrypted OS).

You could test this on any usable OS with gnome-shell or Cinnamon, which
both have this tool. Cinnamon simply uses a port of gnome-shell's panel applet,  
which calls the gnome-control-center xrandr tool. I think there is an Ubuntu
gnome-shell remix by now, there is a Mint/Cinnamon live disk, and Fedora
ships with gnome-shell. Grab whatever is convenient, try it with your hardware.

It would be good to find out if this is hardware specific before anyone commits
to anything.

On 03/04/2013 at 9:06 PM, "Len Ovens" <len at> wrote:
>On Mon, March 4, 2013 5:44 pm, lukefromdc at wrote:
>> I boot with both monitors attached, only one running in X. Can 
>turn on
>> second as needed for video editing, all savings in the GNOME tool
>> are saved across all reboots. Even when turning second monitor 
>> the defaults are what I last used.
>> Installation  default is cloned, so I know my setup and alignment
>> are being preserved without issues.
>How about unplugged? My external VGA on my netbook feels there is 
>external monitor even when just terminating the green channel 
>(it's the
>only way I can boot :P ). Just powering a monitor off is not the 
>thing as unplugging. Though I am pretty sure it does create some
>difference... but not the same as no monitor.
> - composite video out - terminated = 75ohm (though shorted works 
> - VGA - terminated means green channel has 75 ohms (shorted works 
> - most analog formats are like that
> - digital... IDK
>I did a lot of testing on dual monitor stuff with an unpowered but
>terminated video out.
>So for me to test these things I need to know what live ISO can I 
>things on?
>Len Ovens
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