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Mon Mar 4 15:29:36 UTC 2013

I have found that the GNOME tool for controlling xrandr works fine in
gnome-shell, cinnamon, and icewm. In fact, when driver bugs in the
xorg-edgers versions of the open source drivers made trouble on the
activation of the second monitor, switching to icewm to change 
monitors, then back, was the workaround.

It would seem to me that this tool should work in most DE's. The Arandr
tool, by comparison, was a total bugfest when I tried it last year. 

Is there anything in XFCE preventing the use of the gnome-control-center
tool for monitors?

On 03/04/2013 at 9:44 AM, "Len Ovens" <len at> wrote:
>On Mon, March 4, 2013 12:44 am, ttoine wrote:
>> Len,
>> I use a dual screen with Unity, and the setup is saved accross 
>restart. At
>> loging, the mouse pointer is between the two screens. You can 
>choose which
>> one is the main by moving the move to right or left screen. The 
>top panel
>> is on both screens.
>Unfortunately it seems to be a part of unity itself. All the bugs 
>pointed at unity and fixed there.
>> At office, I use a dual screen with a win7 laptop. They are top 
>> and
>> it is ok. Maybe could you explain why it is better when bottom 
>aligned ?
>Top aligned is fine with two screens that are close in size. I 
>guess I am
>more aware of this because I have a netbook with a (really) small 
>So if the bottom of the two screens is physically aligned but 
>top aligned, when I move the mouse from one monitor to the other 
>it jumps
>4 inches vertically up or down and may in fact be off the bottom 
>of my
>netbook screen. It makes it hard to follow with the eye where the 
>pointer is on the screen. It is easiest to top align because there 
>is only
>one calculation to make.
>> Think that most of the dual screen setups can be done using a 
>> driver. I checked different ways, the nVidia is the more 
>complete and easy
>> to use for this purpose. AMD is harder to setup. And of course, 
>> depend of the default Unity of Xfce tool, so it is the more 
>unplugging a monitor and having the main screen left with no menu 
>bar is
>just broken. This is what happens now. What happens in unity is 
>better. This is an xfce problem. I will be talking with an xfce 
>dev and
>see what can be done to fix it.
>> Maybe the good way would be have the possibility to save 
>> setups,
>> like in network manager. And then, if possible, detect wich one 
>is the
>> good, or let the user choose.
>First we need to make default do something logical... then it is 
>ok to
>worry about more than one setup  :)
>Len Ovens
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