Studio settings manager (was: studio and xubuntu)

Len Ovens len at
Sun Mar 3 17:52:16 UTC 2013

>>> On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 08:27:51PM -0800, Len Ovens wrote:
>>>> We chose to use xubuntu as the base for ubuntu studio to ease
>>>> maintenance
>>>> issues. Hoping we could work with them to give both of us less work.
>>> <snip>
>>>> [...] Studio is based on xubuntu 11.10.

Ok, I think I have found what has changed. Maybe this has been this way
for a while, but anyway, when we started using xfce, there was only one
menu definition file for the applications menu (that I could see). In
11.10 we ended up with a default xfce desktop/menu and our work for 12.04
(and continuing to 12.10) was to create a Studio session. Sometime xfce
4.10 showed up (an improvement) and there are some things we had to change
to make it work. It appears there are some things we didn't see as well.
One of those things is that the settings menu is based on a menu file as
well. Maybe it always was, but the default xfce didn't come with one, I
don't know. Anyway, there is a default settings menu which is what we are
using right now, xubuntu is using a custom settings menu. By including all
the settings in this menu they are able to have no settings submenu in the
main menu, just the settings manager.

We could do the same thing, should we? We do have some different settings
bits than xubuntu, so it is a bit more than grabbing the file from them,
but either that or the default would make a good start.

In my opinion it would be less confusing to have either a settings manager
or a settings submenu and not both. As there are some settings that seem
to be embedded in the settings manager, I would suggest going the same way
as xubuntu with just the settings manager.

Xubuntu has the settings manager as an app directly in the top level of
the menu. We can do the same (possibly easier to support because it is
standard) or put it either in System or Accessories submenus (or both). My
opinion is the former.

Len Ovens

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