Shubham Mishra mishrashubham2007 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 30 04:25:27 UTC 2013

On 06/30/2013 05:50 AM, Len Ovens wrote:
> On Sat, June 29, 2013 5:50 am, Shubham Mishra wrote:
>> installed bazaar and made a branch like you told me to. So far I seem to
>> have understood most of it. I guess I'll learn more when I eventually
>> make a mistake, so brace yourselves :D.
> Thats the nice thing about a branch and lots of commits, I can look at it
> before I do a merge, or even branch off of your branch build a package to
> try. In any case it is pretty hard to truly hurt something. No worries.

That's good then. The link to mine is this in case you're wondering.
>> I have one more question. The directory contains only 48x48 PNGs of the
>> icons. Does that mean the other resolutions are created during build
>> time from these ones?
> No, 48x48 is the bare minimum, the panel or file manager creates whatever
> size it needs on the fly if it can't find the right size pre-made. I was
> unable to get the 22x22 size to look any better than the panel menu was...
> sometimes worse. So we should have 22x as well. The 22x can even be
> different if it makes it easier to recognize.

For most icons downsampling the 48x48 to 22x22 should give decent 
recognizable icons. It's 16x16 that causes problems and usually need to 
be made separately, pixel by pixel. So I'll see which icons look ok in 
22x22 and modify the ones which don't.

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