To add to the menus? A meta installer

Len Ovens len at
Sun Jun 23 03:01:01 UTC 2013

Lets say you have kubuntu installed and really like the interface, but
would like to have ubuntustudio or at least a chunk of the applications.
Not too hard to load up synaptic and search ubuntustudio for the metas.
Harder on USC which doesn't seem to show such things by default. Also,
which ones are up to date, which ones should one stay away from.

How about something like this:

It is not complete :) just a quick test really. My thought is that it
could just be a part of the -menu package. It adds no depends on any of
the  flavours I tried. The ubuntustudio submenu with our website and
mailing lists would be where I would put it.

I do not want to add it to our main -menu package just yet as I want to
make sure the menu part works as expected on our ISO and do any needed
tweaks first. Then I will add it to the Studio PPA for those interested. I
don't know that it can be backported or SRUed to 12.04 as that would
require also backporting the supported metas which we changed in 13.04. I
am rather looking ahead to 14.04.

Comments as always are welcome.

Len Ovens

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