Some screenshots of our new DE agnostic menu

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Sat Jun 22 00:41:25 UTC 2013

I looked at these and the are great! I've been using the DE 
agnostic menus in Cinnamon since they were first announced
on this list.

You mentioned the "extra applications" issue and the decision (which
I agree with) to avoid making software-center a dependency.

There are additional reasons not to depend on USC: One of them
is that it is reported to be very difficult to install in Mint, into which
people might want to install US metas. All Ubuntustudio packages 
are accessable from Synaptic in Mint, as it uses Ubuntu repos.

The other reason is that folks who do not want support for paid 
software in their machines (myself included) often remove 
software-center and install Synaptic.

On 06/21/2013 at 7:05 PM, "Len Ovens" <len at> wrote:
>I have taken some screen shots of our mergable menu in action.
>(If you have looked at stuff here before you may need to use the 
>As you can see from the xubuntu/xfce versions of the menu, we can 
>use this
>to replace our special menu and just use the default xfce menu. 
>This means
>we only need to maintain one menu file for any DE.
>There is only one problem to face. Almost every menu config file 
>out there
>has a bug that makes it not work to freedesktop (XDG) standards. 
>The only
>correct one is KDE. I am working at doing bug reporting as this 
>projects like alacarte too.
>Len Ovens
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