Saucy a mess right now with packages being removed from repos

lukefromdc at lukefromdc at
Sat Jun 15 01:45:41 UTC 2013

Some development work is not possible right now on Saucy. Cinnamon (which I work with) is not in repo, GTK3 just got updates that remove many 
DE's, even Kdenlive is not in repo right now. My main systems are Saucy with a lot of pinned packages, GTK3 among them, and my development partition
for a Cinnamon meta is based on a Raring image avaialble at the time.

This might get worse as Mir development picks up in the future, and remember that package-pinning would on a fresh install have to be all the way 
back to the previous version of Ubuntu and not the lasst good intermediate version.  I really hope this situation gets resolved, as right now I'm seeing 
package after package being removed from repo and even more that Synaptic would remove on an unrestricted update for reasons of compatability.

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