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Tue Jun 11 01:56:28 UTC 2013

There is an effort underway to make US usable with alternate desktops. I use Cinnamon 
and am working on that part of the project, hoping to ultimately create a metapackage 
that would allow Cinnamon to be installed into an existing US install by any user. Similar
efforts for KDE, GNOME, Unity, and other DE's are envisioned.

This has nothing to do with changing the default DE as far as I have ever heard. Rather, 
Ubuntu and indeed Linux users in general have developed a lot of different preferences 
in DS's since the GNOME 3 situation began the fragmentation. Developers of US went
with XFCE, which is light and did not follow the trend towards the "smartphone/tablet"
UI that GNOME, Ubuntu/Unity and now Windows 8 have followed.

Other distros had the exact same problem. Mint stayed with GNOME 2 for one cycle, then
their team wrote "Mint Gnome Shell Extensions" or MGSE to revert the US changes. Another
person wrote the "frippery" extensions to do the same. Mint found their extensions to be 
hell to maintain due to constant changes in GNOME, and the Frippery extensions always
lag behind GNOME releases foe that reason. Therefore, the Mint team forked all of GNOME 3
except for libgjs and Clutter to create Cinnamon, which is used like GNOME2 but has GNOME 3
under the hood.

Some users, myself included, like Cinnamon a lot. I switched to it as soon as I saw it. In my case, that
was because extensions to keep the system tray on top in GNOME were becoming impossible to
keep working-and I needed the volume control applet (volti) available with pulseaudio removed 
while using a compositing desktop. 

On 06/10/2013 at 9:04 PM, "C. F. Howlett" <seattlechaz at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm confused.  Why are the developers installing US with 
>cinnamon?  Is
>> this to be an official option to future US?  Did I miss 
>something?  Thanks
>> in advance for clarification.

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