Youtube channel created for Ubuntu Studio - contributors needed to submit tutorials

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Wed Jun 5 18:23:29 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 7:51 PM, <lukefromdc at> wrote:

> About backing music: Google scans all videos uploaded to Youtube for
> backing
> music for the RIAA and publishers. They then offer the copythugs the
> options to
> silence soundtracks, put ads on the videos, track users, or do nothing.
> There is
> no legal requirement for them to do this, as the "safe harbor" provisions
> of the
> DCMA state that 3ed party webhosts need only remove content after getting
> formal notice to be totally shielded from lawsuits. Google probably feared
> their
> size would lead the US Congress to change that law.
> This was the original reason I left Youtube for Liveleak. Since then the
> new Google
> TOS came along to permit browser fingerprinting (added words "or device
> information")
> so now I won't even connect to any Google server except via Torbrowser,
> which is
> designed (via Torbutton) to resist fingerprinting attacks as well as
> obfuscate the IP
> address.
> I understand few here face the security issues I do, but if you use music
> on Google
> you risk losing the entire sountrack. Also users of this channel might
> have issues
> forming Youtube/Gmail accounts of their own as Google's tracking will show
> them
> as already adminsistering and logging into one account-and Google has a
> "real names"
> policy and tries to flag multiple accounts held by any one user.

When I read the conversation of background music my mind read it as if the
community would create its own music parts. Perhaps I misunderstood.
Otherwise there will be a problem with using other artists' music unless
it's free.
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