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> I would assume you are using more than one camera if you are taking shots
> of different instruments all in one take. Unless they are all the same
> make and model of camera, the sync from audio to video may be different
> from camera to camera. A visual cue such as a strobe may be a better tool
> for syncing.
> Also pay attention to frame rate, though I would guess that if you are
> happy with things once they are synced this is ok. Different frame rates
> would of course make sync wander from one end of a video to the other.
> Ah, no it's me, myself and I playing all the instruments so it's the other
kind of one take only. It's a legacy from my audio recording policy to get
things moving instead of playing the same part over and over again until I
hate the song and never finish recording it.
I set the camera, nowadays I actually use an iPhone, play one instrument,
one take, one video file. Pick up the next instrument, same camera, one
take. And so on. Yes, there is an issue with iPhone deciding itself between
24 and 30 fps depending on lighting. So it's important to use enough
lighting for all recordings. For my next project I will buy an app that
will lock the frame rate.
In any case, it has still been an issue with the waveforms and actually
audio in Kdenlive even with the same camera and same frame rate for all
video files.
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