Youtube channel created for Ubuntu Studio - contributors needed to submit tutorials

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Wed Jun 5 17:51:24 UTC 2013

About backing music: Google scans all videos uploaded to Youtube for backing
music for the RIAA and publishers. They then offer the copythugs the options to
silence soundtracks, put ads on the videos, track users, or do nothing. There is
no legal requirement for them to do this, as the "safe harbor" provisions of the 
DCMA state that 3ed party webhosts need only remove content after getting
formal notice to be totally shielded from lawsuits. Google probably feared their
size would lead the US Congress to change that law.

This was the original reason I left Youtube for Liveleak. Since then the new Google
TOS came along to permit browser fingerprinting (added words "or device information")
so now I won't even connect to any Google server except via Torbrowser, which is
designed (via Torbutton) to resist fingerprinting attacks as well as obfuscate the IP

I understand few here face the security issues I do, but if you use music on Google
you risk losing the entire sountrack. Also users of this channel might have issues 
forming Youtube/Gmail accounts of their own as Google's tracking will show them
as already adminsistering and logging into one account-and Google has a "real names"
policy and tries to flag multiple accounts held by any one user.

On 06/05/2013 at 3:21 AM, "Kaj Ailomaa" <zequence at> wrote:
>On Wed, Jun 5, 2013, at 09:01 AM, Jimmy Sjölund wrote:
>> Great initiative! With some guidelines on how to create them so 
>we get a
>> similar look'n'feel I would try to do some tutorials.
>> I vote strongly against background music in tutorials. 
>Especially if you
>> do
>> a voice over of what you are doing or when the tutorial is 
>> audio
>> or video production, I think it's unnecessary and collide with 
>> information you are trying to get through.
>> -- 
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>You are welcome to create some, and in the process establish some
>standards for how they should be edited.
>I think it would be enough with:
> * intro page, with title and description of the tutorial (this 
> use a bit of artwork)
> * temporary zoom-ins when attention to detail is required.
> * subs explaining what happens on screen
>I'd rather not do voice overs unless they are fairly good quality, 
>the person speaks well enough English for it to be clearly
>understandable. That's my initial standpoint anyway.
>If we want voice overs, we could always add them afterwards too.
>I think it might be nice for some form of tutorials to have music 
>in the
>background, but not any kind of music. It needs to be something 
>enough to work on all people.
>If you're up to it, you are welcome to edit/oversee all of the
>tutorials, if others help creating them. 
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