Youtube channel created for Ubuntu Studio - contributors needed to submit tutorials

Shubham Mishra mishrashubham2007 at
Wed Jun 5 13:38:44 UTC 2013

On 06/05/2013 06:06 AM, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
> We now have a youtube channel for Ubuntu Studio
> It's linked to the Ubuntu Studio G+ page, so all page managers should
> also be able to manage the youtube channel.
> I'll announce it later on social sites, and mail lists.
> The primary reason for the channel is to host tutorials. So far we have
> no written down guidelines for how to do this. I'll prepare some later.
> But, for now, something like this should do:
> Category tree for tutorials:
>   * main workflow (i.e., audio, video, graphics, etc)
>    * sub workflow (i.e., recording, mixing, mastering, editing, etc)
> So, we could name one video something like: "audio - recording - setting
> up ardour for recording"
> or: "video - modelling - how to create a soccer ball".
> The videos don't need to be long. And we don't need to cover everything
> imaginable. Just some basic stuff to begin with. So, short and to the
> point is much appreciated.
> The videos should have:
>   * recorded desktop - both audio and video from the actual workflow
>   * english subs - describing what is going on
> Spoken english is voluntary.
> Not sure what we should do about background music, and such, but for
> now, I think we don't need to use it at all.
> Would be nice to have a pool of music that is suitable for using in the
> background (preferably something somewhat soft, that works for all age
> groups and style preferences), and that we can use on multiple videos.
> We should ask for submissions for this separately.
> Tutorials for audio related workflows probably don't require background
> music anyway.
Are there any requirements for what we can have in the OS if we are 
doing a video? For example I am still using the LTS 12.04. So my menus 
might look a bit different from what we currently have. That might 
confuse people

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