Youtube channel created for Ubuntu Studio - contributors needed to submit tutorials

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at
Wed Jun 5 00:36:23 UTC 2013

We now have a youtube channel for Ubuntu Studio
It's linked to the Ubuntu Studio G+ page, so all page managers should
also be able to manage the youtube channel.

I'll announce it later on social sites, and mail lists.

The primary reason for the channel is to host tutorials. So far we have
no written down guidelines for how to do this. I'll prepare some later.
But, for now, something like this should do:

Category tree for tutorials:

 * main workflow (i.e., audio, video, graphics, etc)
  * sub workflow (i.e., recording, mixing, mastering, editing, etc)

So, we could name one video something like: "audio - recording - setting
up ardour for recording"
or: "video - modelling - how to create a soccer ball".

The videos don't need to be long. And we don't need to cover everything
imaginable. Just some basic stuff to begin with. So, short and to the
point is much appreciated.

The videos should have:
 * recorded desktop - both audio and video from the actual workflow
 * english subs - describing what is going on

Spoken english is voluntary. 

Not sure what we should do about background music, and such, but for
now, I think we don't need to use it at all. 
Would be nice to have a pool of music that is suitable for using in the
background (preferably something somewhat soft, that works for all age
groups and style preferences), and that we can use on multiple videos.
We should ask for submissions for this separately. 
Tutorials for audio related workflows probably don't require background
music anyway.

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