Things I have seen on Kubuntu we should have.

Len Ovens len at
Sat Jun 1 20:17:54 UTC 2013

I have been running Kubuntu with Studio menus and metas off and on for a
week. There are two things I have noticed (so far) that they have and we

1) The KDE sound service seems to be a mix of pulseaudio and some sort of
monitor service. As soon as Jackdbus starts, a notification pops up that
tells me this service has automatically switched my default audio device
to the jack bridge. Nice, probably doable in xfce or as a separate daemon
or script triggered by dbus when jack-sink/source is loaded.

2) Kubuntu's version of Grub actually puts "Kubuntu" as the name of this
partition in the Grub menu. Unfortunately, The change is not seen by other
partitions reinstalling grub for a new kernel. It would be nice to
know/understand more about the grub configuration files than I do now. :)

Further, I feel that for the case where the audio meta is loaded onto an
already installed DE, and then the low latency kernel is installed, the
installer/user should be asked if that kernel should be default and then
the grub config set up to keep it that way even when a new generic kernel
gets installed. Right now, even after installing a fresh lowlatency
kernel, grub will still choose the generic kernel as default if it has a
higher version number.

As a side note, KDE does not affect audio that I can tell. I can still do
low latency work with no xruns the same as with xfce. I have not turned
off any of the extra video features of the desktop or in any other way
tried to make KDE a less "resource hungry" DE. To add to that, there are
some programs that will not run for me on Studio, that will run on KDE.

Len Ovens

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