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Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Jul 29 09:05:29 UTC 2013

On Mon, 29 Jul 2013 10:45:51 +0200, Jimmy Sjölund <jimmy at sjolund.se> wrote:
> I'd be happy to investigate further. I used to work for the Swedish
> Association for the Visually Impaired as a sound engineer and later on  
> with IT development, especially starting up the DAISY project  
> (www.daisy.org). I actually recorded and created the very first DAISY  
> book (yes, I'm still
> very proud of it ;) )

Hi Jimmy,

off-list I talked to a German member of Linux audio user mailing list  
about accessibility of synth that have a display, e.g. the differences  
between the DX7 and DX7 II. For the DX7 II it could be needed to read the  
display to know where you are when editing, for the DX7 it isn't needed.

He tested "SayText" on an iPhone and I tested it on an iPad, to take a  
picture from the display and to read the text, but it failed even for me  
and I'm not visually impaired, excepted of dioptre value +1 for reading  
glasses and dyslexia [1], so I'm able to take a perfect photo from the  
display, optimized angle and lighting conditions.

Do you know a way for blind people to read the displays of synth?

Btw. I installed machine readable fonts, but until now I didn't take a  
look to those fonts.


[1] What is it like to have dyslexia?   
People often aren't aware about it, they confuse it with a weakness in  

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