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Len Ovens len at
Mon Jul 22 13:32:22 UTC 2013

On Mon, July 22, 2013 5:49 am, * wrote:
> i would like to nominate Numix GTK3 Theme as the new default theme, it has
> alot of good design elements that will make ubuntu studio look more
> professional

One could argue that motif or twm are more "professional"... at least the
last time I used them, themes where not possible. You need to define
things better than "professional". Does it make the text readable in all
cases? does it draw attention to itself and away from the user's work? Is
it obvious which window is active? The screen shot looks ok, too bad there
is only one window open. But it doesn't scream "I am different" It looks
about like anything else.

I personally find many of the current default themes annoying because much
of the text is grey on grey and often window focus is only shown by
bolding the title text. These things slow my work down. I am not
suggesting one of the "high contrast" themes... but something where the
title bar at least changes colour for focus and I can still read unfocused
window bars.

> or by installing it from ppa
> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:satyajit-happy/themes
> sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install numix-gtk-theme

In order for us to even think about using a theme as default, it must be
in the standard Ubuntu repos.

Len Ovens

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